Keeping Creativity Alive in Seniors: Why It’s Important

July 21, 2017 in Our News & Bulletins by Uptown HC

Creativity is being able to make imaginations come to life. It’s an important part of the human experience, as it helps set us apart from other forms of life. Creativity serves important functions for our minds, and it’s important to try and stimulate it at all points of life. Below, are benefits that can come from being creative in our senior years.

According to Lesley University professor Dr. Raquel Stephenson, art and creativity play a big role in fighting isolation. Isolation, in older adults, is often the big enemy. It can result in depression and withdrawal from society, both have negative consequences on health. Her research shows that engagement with creative arts can help combat these negative emotions. Not only that, but it shows that engaging creativity helps increase self-esteem and overall wellbeing. In her eyes, this can help lead to fewer doctors’ visits because of these emotions.

There are many ways to engage creativity. There is music. One could take up an instrument or sing in a choir. There are arts and crafts one could pick up, such as pottery or painting. Participation in creative writing classes or book clubs are great ways to engage with writing and literature. Physical activities such as sports and dancing can be creative outlets. There are also quite a few hobbies one could pick up, such as scrapbooking, photography, teaching, or traveling that can serve as great ways to engage creativity.

No matter what you choose to do, just be sure that you’re having fun with it, and the creative rewards will be even bigger.

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