Foods for Fighting Wrinkles

August 18, 2017 in Our News & Bulletins by Uptown HC

As life goes on, we all get wrinkles, that’s just a fact. Fortunately, we can control some of the factors that lead to wrinkles. A healthy diet, for instance, is conducive to better skin. Consider these examples.

Packed with vitamin E, avocado helps nourish the skin and helps keep it moisturized, soft, and smooth. Salmon contains omega-3’s that help protect skin from UV damage, thus preventing premature aging. Buckwheat contains rutin. This helps the skin maintain collagen levels and helps the skin repair itself. Wheat germ contains selenium and zinc, which are two key anti-wrinkling minerals. It’s also packed with vitamin E. Blueberries help keep collagen healthy. Brazil nuts contain high levels of selenium. Eggs have three anti-wrinkle amino acids that are good for the skin. Soy beans contain the same anti-wrinkle amino acids that eggs do. Both are very good for helping with skin elasticity. Finally, carrots, while usually associated with eye health, are great for the skin too. The beta-carotene they contain helps protect the skin against damage from sun exposure.

These were just some of the best foods for fighting wrinkles. Some of the ones not covered were: spinach, tomatoes, olive oil, kale, beans and lentils, and dark chocolate (in moderation). There are also some foods to look out for that can cause bad skin, such as foods with too much starch, too much sugar, too much salt, and alcohol. These foods are fine in moderation but excess amounts are bad for the skin. In all, a well-balanced diet will serve your skin well.

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