Preserving Our Senses

August 4, 2017 in Our News & Bulletins by Uptown HC

Our senses are very important to us. They help us shape our world and process all the information it contains. However, there are always dangers to those senses and damage can occur. Once sensory damage occurs, there’s very little one can do to correct it. Let’s discuss some ways to help preserve our senses throughout our lives.

Hearing can become impaired from a lifetime of loud noises. This can lead to some adverse effects such as accelerating brain shrinkage in older age and upping the risk for falls. However, there are some simple ways to minimize hearing damage. One is to wear earplugs or ear protecting phones when exposed to loud sounds, such as a concert or fireworks. Another is keeping your blood sugar and blood pressure in check. Blood sugar and blood pressure play a role in keeping the hair cells in your ears healthy. This is vital as they are responsible for the sensation of hearing.

Sight is a major way we gather information. There are some simple steps to take to help preserve it. Regular exercise helps maintain blood circulation to the eyes. Another common vision problem is dry eye. Working with your eye doctor to help treat it is vital, as it can reduce blurry vision.

Taste can also become less sensitive with age. This can lead to indulging in more flavorful processed foods rather than healthy options. Common illnesses, such as diabetes, can affect taste sensitivity as well. It’s important to regulate blood sugar and other common conditions to keep them from progressing to more serious ailments.

Touch is also a sense that’s reported to weaken throughout life. This can cause complications as our sense of touch helps us detect pain, cold, and heat. Keeping active is a great way to keep our touch receptors running. Wearing body-hugging clothing can also stimulate touch receptors. Also, not being shy about showing physical affection keeps our sense of touch going.

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